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What is INVENI.ME?

INVENI.ME is a simple and efficient way to reunite families.

INVENI.ME uses innovative, intuitive and intelligent technology systems in order to simply and efficiently accelerate family reunions in rare cases where young ones may slip out of sight.

It is water resistant, comfortable to wear, and reliable, all while keeping your contact details safe and allowing direct communication with parents.

How does INVENI.ME Work?

A stress-free family trip is now possible!

How INVENI.ME works

All you need to do is take your smartphone, scan the provided INVENI.ME sticker and input your contact details, and that’s it! You can rest assured that your young ones will be safe at all times.

Rest assured that your data is safe! Each INVENI.ME sticker has a super-mega-secure-encrypted (Yes, that really exists!) and unique QR code.

Attach the INVENI.ME sticker on your child’s clothes and you’re good to go!

The hero of the day who finds your kid will reunite you with your young ones by only scanning the INVENI.ME sticker and get in touch with you

INVENI.ME stickers are water resistant and can be removed without damaging your child’s clothing.


With our simple, easy and affordable solution, you never have to worry about losing a family member in an amusement park, a zoo or any other crowded space you may visit with your family.

INVENI.ME is the innovative and technological substitution to classic wristbands where you can write your contact details on. Rest assured that your young ones will always find the way back to you as fast as possible. You and your family can enjoy your trip all while giving space to your young ones to explore their surroundings.

With our innovative INVENI.ME stickers, your child will find his or her way back to you in no time! With the knowledge that your young one is wearing an INVENI.ME sticker, rest assured that your reunion will be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

If you instruct your young ones to show people their INVENI.ME sticker to people who are helping them to find their parents, all the helper has to do to get in contact with you is scan the QR code, and that’s it!

All your child needs to do is to point on the sticker instead of remembering all your contact details. All your contact details, as all of them will appear once the helper has scanned the QR code.

With INVENI.ME, parents are happy knowing that even if their child gets lost, they will easily find their way back to their parents and children are happy to be able to explore their surroundings.

INVENI.ME, giving parents peace of mind, and children a way to explore their surroundings and feed their imagination!

Our Vision

We aim to provide simple solutions to parents with young children. As parents, we can understand the stress one may go through.

Our aim is to keep families intact in crowded spaces and reduce stressful experiences such as losing children in such spaces.

Along with this, we believe that a child’s privacy must be valued, and instead of using GPS tracking, we offer the QR code solution. Utilising proven and reliable technology, INVENI.ME keeps children and their data safe.

About us

INVENI.ME is a family run company benefiting other families.

At the heart of the institution stands two brothers, passionately and intricately running INVENI.ME for the peace of mind of parents all around the world.

Peter – Founder and CEO at INVENI.ME Ltd

Being a founder and director of INVENI.ME, a typical day in the work life of Peter consists of running his Consultancy company for Operations Strategy and Industrial Performance in Manufacturing, Operations, Supply Chain and Warehousing. With 11 years of experience in the field, Peter continues to dedicate himself in gaining more every day.

Erik – Founder and CTO at INVENI.ME Ltd

Being a founder and the brain behind the information technology department of INVENI.ME, Erik is Logistic Head Point of Sales for Central Europe in his daily life, with 9 years of experience in Software and Services along with Manufacturing Technologies. Happily married and the father of a 4-year-old son, Erik continues to thrive with INVENI.ME.

Erik and Peter are brothers with many years of experience in the manufacturing industry and managed projects internationally.

With a strong background in supply chain, logistics, operations and optimisation, Erik and Peter aim to find solutions to everyday issues and introduce quick fixes to make life easier, so you can have time to focus on what is important for you.

The story behind the strategy

One sunny summer day, we decided to visit an amusement park with the whole family. Having youngsters in the family, the curious minds may like to wander away from their parents, with the intention of discovering the world around them.

As we entered the park, we noticed that the park was giving out wristbands to parents to fill in their contact details in case of their child getting lost.

Even with the best of attention, we know that the curious little ones may slip out of sight, which is why we took three of the wristbands to make sure we had enough to last us the whole day. Our first challenge was finding a pen to fill in our contact details, and none was to be found easily.

However, the wristbands would itch and give an uncomfortable feeling to the young ones, and the ink would become unreadable due to constantly being rubbed on the skin.

We researched the issues encountered with the wristband and found that not only were the wristband uncomfortable, but they were also made of ancient technology, were not resistant to water, became unreadable, and the information was visible to the naked eye, displaying our contact details to anyone.

Then lit up a light bulb in our heads – and we came up with INVENI.ME